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Catch It!

Two Notes, Three Steps: Catch It!

Step 3(B):     TUBE TOOL

A tool can be used to give you a little more reach than an arms length, of a clear plastic tubing about the size of a fluorescent light bulb.  Tape one end of the tube and cut the other end at an angle.  After visual lock on to the frog, place the tube over him in stead of your hand, and reportedly the frog hops right into the tube and you’ve caught it!


Coqui Magic Wand - Tube Tool
Click for construction instructions


Don’t get discouraged if it takes an hour or more to find the frog.  Patience and persistence are the keys to success.   It might even take a few nights attempts before the opportunity presents itself.  Don't give up!  It’s entertaining as well as educational.  Good, safe family fun.